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Full automatic polyurethane spray system

  • Full automatic polyurethane spray system

JHPK-BPT1 full automatic spraying system can be applied in spraying the two-components polyurea,polyurethane resin,resin,elastomer and etc..

The product is widely used in various fields such as lining of the military truck,container truck,dumper,pickup truck chassis,abrasion resistance plate,military helmet,petrol chemical,anti-corrosion for piping ,tank,vibration screen,spiral separating screen,ocean buoy,marine fender,tap water,anti-corrosion for drainage piping and etc;

JHPK-BPT1 full automatic high pressure spraying system is newly motivated.The polyurethane resin product is the best replacement for glass fiber which has very strong intensity and elasticity and has higher insulation effect for sound and heat than average level.

At present all shower bottom basin and bathtub technology in domenstic market is thermoforming with acrylic plate,then consoildated and maually or mechanically with resin and glass fiber.And bathtub sprayed with BPT1 polyurethane can be directly sprayed after the acrylic plate thermoforming .

1.Spray and stop at any time,the spraying can be stopped at any time during the operation and enables the optimization of material application;

2.Superior capability of insulation of heat and sound

3.Direct shower support(no need the wood insert)

4.Adopt the technology of polyurethane raw material and automatic spraying by the robot.the product can be obtained within 3-7mins.After spraying ,it will automatically consolidated,different from the traditional resin glass fiber process which requires heating in curing oven for consolidation

5.The polyurethane compound spraying process is completely free of any type of cleaning solvent which obviously reduce the maintenance and service.This greatly reduces the production cost,facilitates the use of exhaust sytem in the production process and aslo avoids the long time and high consumption in ripening temperature control process.

6.JHPK-BPT1spraying system can be equipped with three or four components mixing heads for spraying according to the special requirement,the mixing head can efficiently gurantee the evenness and high reliability

7.Low cost,high efficiency,low energy consumption,free from the high cost process treatment and ripening cahnnel.there is no any contact with poisonous gas,powder,fiber during the production;high environmental protection.


Main frame:1 set(including the control system, material pump group, double component feeding system and etc.)

Feeding pump: 2 sets(JHPK-3G76)

Ancillary injection gun: 1 piece

Insulated pipe:1 set(8M standard/ customer’s requirement)

3m Connecting pipe for the gun1 set

Ancillary piping and joints 1 set

Spare parts :1 set

Tools :1 set

English manual: 1 set

Package: plywood tray


Raw material matching; 1:1~5:1(theoretical ratio, the application of the large proportion variable flow should be discussed with the technical service team)

Viscosity range of raw material ;200~1000CPS

Outlet quantity of raw material ;3~12L/min

Air pressure; 0.5~0.8Mpa(70~120psi)≥0.6³/min

Power source; Three phase five wires 380V 50Hz 30A*3

Volume of raw material tank ;100L(single)

Consumption of the heat exchanging liquid for material tank;30L(single)

Heating range ;25℃~88℃(77°F-190°F)

Heating power ;2000W*2

Length of insulated pipe; 8M(standard or according to demand)

Pressure of system raw material ;≤21Mpa(3300psi)

Function of spray gun; Pneumatic, auto back flow at gun stopping

Pressure of air inlet of spray gun ;0.5~0.8Mpa(70~120psi)

Air pipe size; 8*1

Operation flow rate of spray gun; 0~12L/min

Cleaning method for spray gun;Mechanical cleaning,external nozzle auto cleaning device

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