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Quick setting rubber spraying equipment

  • Quick setting rubber spraying equipment

Having the complete independent intellectual property rights in design and production,several key techniques have applied national patents ;

Completely pneumatic control with simple structure and reliable operation which electricity;

Wide range of stepless adjustable ratio with simple adjusting mode which has extensive adjusting mode which has extensive applicability for raw material proportion

High quality stainless steel is applied at the key parts of the main and auxiliary pump which has high corrosion resistance and can be applied to the materials with certain PH values

The lifetime of the equipment is greatly enhanced with the application of the high-performance dynamic and static sealing material and the design of the adjustable self-compensation sealing structure

Delicate coupling structure enables the disassembly and maintenance of the main pump more convenient and simple

Straight platoon-type gas path and external pneumatic integrated control system makes the operating action fast and sensitive with low fault rate and is convenient for inspection and maintenance

The simple main pump suction feeding mode is reliable in operation and no need for maintenance

The professional auxiliary pump gravity feeding system and the auxiliary mixing device guarantee the non-sedimentation of the raw material

Overvoltage backflow protection device provides the reliable protection for the system operation while lack of material

The unique design in the silencing and noise reduction makes the equipment operation more quiet

The big wheel design and application makes the complicate ground circumstances

The lengthened waterproof connecting tube group is coated with wear-resistant sheath and is more safe and durable

The compact control panel and the operation tips for the key parts of the equipment enable the quick mastering of the operation

Dual sector catalyst feeding and high pressure mixing make the mixture of the raw material more even and reaction more sufficient

The associated iteration of human engineering and structure design makes the equipment compact in structure,small in volume ,light in weight ,convenient and flexible in operation,it can be easily handled by one person and suitable for the operation under complicated environment


Main equipment: 1 set

Spray gun: 1 piece

Main pump suction feeding system:1 set

Heating hose : 25m

Spare parts: 1 set

Tools: 1 set

English manual: 1 set

Package: plywood tray


Ratio of raw materials: about 7 : 1~21 : 1

Viscosity range: 2001000CPS

Output of raw materials: 46L/ min

Air Source: 0.5-0.8Mpa70~120psi 0.9m3/min

Output pressure: 5~10Mpa700~1500psi

Mixing type for raw material of spraying gun:external mixing with air assisted

Shipping Data

Dimension: 850mm×820mm×1350mm
Weight: 85Kg

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