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Portable polyurethane spray equipment

  • Portable polyurethane spray equipment
  • Portable polyurethane spray equipment
  • Portable polyurethane spray equipment

The equipment can be applied in the fields of architecture, highway, railway, automobile, watercraft, mining petroleum, electrical industry, food industry and etc.;

Having the complete independent intellectual property rights in design and production, several key techniques have applied national patents.

Super power with high efficient heating function can meet applications requirements with different materials and have multi-use of one machine;

Fully pneumatic controlled , simple structure ,reliable operation ,it can be operated without electricity .

The unique protection design for the black material anti-solidification and reset function when shut down realizes the dual protection for the shaft of the booster pump.

The lifetime of the equipment is greatly enhanced with the application of the high-performance dynamic and static sealing material and the design of the adjustable self-compensation sealing structure;

Straight platoon-type gas path and external pneumatic integrated control system makes the operating action fast and sensitive with low fault rate and is convenient for inspection and maintenance;

The delicate coupling structure enables the power transmission steady and reliable avoiding the adverse effects to the pump shaft due to the concentricity problem.

The professinal design of overfilling material backflow valve realizes the modularization for each functional component of the booster pump which is easy for the fault judgement and maintenance.

The unique design in the silencing and noise reduction makes the equipment operation more quiet;

Compact and delicate structure ,convenient for carrying , and suitable for complicated working environment.

Simple in operation and conveninet in maintenance , it enables the quick mastering of the operating technique.

Simple Operation

Compact control

Operation remarks and hints for key parts

Strong Applicablility

Muti-use of one machine

Compact structure ,small volume and light weight , suitable for complicated working environment

Silencing and Noise Reduction

Special silencing efficiently reduces the noise

Fully Pneumatic System

Fully pneumatic super power , can be operated without electricity

External pneumatic intergrated control system ,,sensitive ,low fault

Straght paltoon-type gas path effciently controls the icing

New High Capability Booster Pump

Dual production for pump shaft with anti-solidification design and rest function when shut down

Delicate coupling structure makes power transmission and more steady

High performance sealing material and reasonable sealing structure prolong the lifetime

The professional design of overfilling material backflow valve is easy for the fault judgment and maintenance .


Main equipment: 1 set

Spray gun: 1 piece

Heating pipe: 15 m

1.5m pipe connecting to the gun: 1 set

Feeding pump: 2 sets

Spare parts :1 set

Tools :1 set

English manual: 1 set

Package: plywood tray


Ratio of raw materials: 1:1

Viscosity range: 2001000CPS

Output of raw materials: 28L/ min

Air Source: 0.5-0.8Mpa70~120psi 1.0m3/min

Output pressure: 5~10 Mpa(725~1450PSI)

Gun cleaning way: mechanical cleaning and air cleaning

Shipping Data

Dimension: 1250mm*450mm*850mm

Weight: 40Kg

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