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Ratio Measurement System with Muti componennt&Muti Function

  • Ratio Measurement System with Muti componennt&Muti Function

The newest promoted JHPK-GT10 ratio measurement system with multiple component&muti function has series functional combination models according to the applied fields and raw material features.It can be applied in new type polyurethane profile extruding production line,production of polyurethane resin,production of epoxy resin products,other special material utilization fields and etc.

1.Having the complete independent intellectual property rights in design and production,several key techniques have applied national patent;

2.High accuracy system,the control for flow rate and proportion will be accurate and stable

3.Selecting the special material pump will be suitable for raw material with stuffing or other special physical and chemical properties.

4.Material lacking indication at low pressure and overpressure alarm guarantee the safety operation

5.The protection system for the unique material circulation pump and the closed material feeding type absolutely solves the material crystallization or the utilization of the material which is sensitive to the air

6.Self backflow injection gun,low pressure collision and static mixing ,pneumatic and liquid cleaning method ,no blocking in the gun;

7.The unique design for the raw material anti-sedimentation and the new feeding type with the material pump guarantees the continuous stable operation and enhances the possibility for the highly automated line production

8.The ultra quiet design,no noise pollution,220V power source for the normal operation,energy saving and environmental protection;

9.The reasonable system layout and compact structure design greatly reduce the system space occupation

10.The design for the full degital intelligent control system makes the system operation more simple and convenient;

11.Multiple modular combination design can meet the different requirements of the customers and has strong practicability.


Main systemtwo-components1 set

Including material pump systemcleaning pump systemtwo-components material feeding systemcontrol system and etc.,

Ancillary injection gun:1 pics

Operation panel for gun:1 pics

Insulated pipe:1 pics

Auxiliary piping and joints:1 set

Optional functions:

1.Other type material feeding method

2.Raw material heating system for one component

3.Muti-function applications for those over two-components

4.Piping and piping heating system

5.Special function material pump(anti-corrosion,acid/alkali-resistant,feeding raw material with solid stuffing,and etc.)


There are various types according to system flow rate and sutomers requirement.The parameters below is basic parameters for JHPK-GT10 system with two-components,pls contact our technicians if there is any other requirement.

Range of flow rate:60ml/min 5000ml/min

Range of ratio:1:11:50 adjustments

Range of raw material viscosity:200~1000CPSunder operating temperature

Air pressure:0.5~0.8Mpa70~120psi≥0.2m3/min

Power requirement:single phase 220V 50HZ 2KW

Length for insulated pipe:8m or optional

Pressure for system raw material:≤2.9Mpa400psi

Pressure for cleaning pumps system:≤0.8Mpa120psi

Feature of injection gun:pneumatic,on-off controlled by handle,automatic back flow when gun off

Mixing mode for injection gun:initial collision+static mixer

Air inlet pressure for injection gun:0.5~0.8Mpa70~120psi

Air pipe size:φ8×1

Working flow rate for injection gun:0~12Kg/min

Cleaning method for injection gun:sequential combination with fluid cleaning +air cleaning (or select one cleaning method)

Shipping Data

Main system (including two-components material feeding system):800*800*1500mm

Operating panel for gun:500*500*800mm(excluding the gun supporting part)

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