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Hydraulic-driven high pressure polyurethane injection equipment

  • Hydraulic-driven high pressure polyurethane injection equipment

Our company has obtained Quality Management System Certificates, such as UKAS and ISO9000. The advanced management system and high efficient and modern production mode provide reliable quality assurance for our products.

JHPK-YGAF(T),a high-pressure polyurethane foaming equipment. It is hydraulic-driven and high-pressure polyurethane foaming equipment after the JHPK-YGAF hydraulic polyurethane foaming equipment by Beijing Jinghua Park Polyurethane Equipment Co.Ltd.

The system of this machinery not only keeps the advanced technology of SBP so keeps the pressure of the raw materials liquid steadily and mixes the double component materials more evenly, but also has the advanced device of hydraulic station air-cooled unitreducing the maximum using of oil for the machine and cutting down the maintenance fee of the hydraulic system. Tight, optimal, simple and direct instruction of perfusion gun makes the machine working firmly. Strong working power has solved the jam issue of the spray gun, which has puzzled the small type of foaming equipment for a long time.

Main parts of the machine have been imported from abroad to make sure the machine works superiorly. Extremely reliable operating mechanism is easy to install, and maintain.

It is the most advanced and durable high-pressure polyurethane perfusion foaming equipment in china, which can bring you a lot of advantages.


Main equipment: 1 set

injection gun: 1 piece

Heating pipe: 8 m

Feeding pumps: 2 sets

Spare parts :1 set

Tools :1 set

English manual: 1 set

Package: plywood tray


Ratio of raw materials: 1:1

Viscosity range: 2001000CPS

Output of raw materials: 412L/ min

Heating power: 2000W*2

Heating temperature range: 0℃60℃

Maximum hydraulic driven power: 21Mpa3045psi

Hydraulic working pressure: 6~8 Mpa870~1160psi

Power source: 3-phase 4-wires, 380V, 50Hz, or it can be customized

Air source: 0.5~0.8Mpa70-120psi) 0.5m3/min

Injection gun cleaning way: Mechanical cleaning

Driven way for booster pumps: Hydraulic Driven

Driven way for injection gun: Hydraulic Driven

Shipping Data

Dimension: 900mm*900mm*1550mm

Weight: 300Kg

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