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Hydraulic-driven high pressure polyurea/polyurethane spray equipment

  • Hydraulic-driven high pressure polyurea/polyurethane spray equipment

Our company has obtained Quality Management System Certificates, such as UKAS and ISO9000. The advanced management system and high efficient and modern production mode provide reliable quality assurance for our products.

Beijing Jinghua Park Polyurethane Equipment Co., Ltd freshly launched the double component system of hydraulic spraying equipment.

This kind of machine can be used in many areas and spray a lot of double component materials, such as spray a variety of two-component materials: polyurea elastomer, polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane foam and polyureapolyurethane adhesive and sealants.

The advantages of this kind of machine:

1. It’s very convenient to moving more suitable for factory and construction contractor.

2. It provides the maxim function for the working.

3. It has the special FGPQ spray gun, simple operation, spray a better effect.

If you want to know the details about the configurations and technical parameters, please contact to us.


Main equipment: 1 set

Spray gun: 1 piece

Heating pipe: 15 m

3m pipe connecting to the gun: 1 set

Feeding pump: 2 sets

Spare parts :1 set

Tools :1 set

English manual: 1 set

Package: plywood tray


Ratio of raw materials: 1:1

Viscosity range: 2001000CPS

Output of raw materials: 28L/ min

Heating power: 9000W*2

Hose heating power: 3200W

Heating temperature range: 0℃90℃32°F~194°F

Power source: 3-phase 4-wires, 380V, 50Hz, or it can be customized

Hydraulic working pressure: 8~12 Mpa(1160~1740psi)

Maximum pressure: 26Mpa(3770psi)

Max. length (optional): 90m300ft

Gun cleaning way: high pressure mechanical cleaning

Driven way: hydraulic driven

Shipping Data

Dimension: 1100mm*1100mm*1550mm

Weight: 350Kg

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